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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Private Self, The Embarrassing Aspects, What We Keep From Others

One of the assignments at the end of chapter 12 in Soul Without Shame is to list the things kept hidden.  In doing the assignment there was the realization of how I've judged myself as a phony because there are parts of my human experience I choose to hold back from society.  Of course there are things to tuck back and not expose to the world.  TMI = too much information.  And, it is empowering to look at them squarely.  [Pen and paper or a word processor are wonderful tools.]  The assignment allows one to acknowledge and consider, as applied to the self, the existence of such things as resentment, greed, anger, laziness, denial, not to mention cellulite, warts, gas and pimples. 

What I'm learning with self-study and maturity that comes from time is the idealist part of personality can be a stumbling block.  Maybe you have to read and follow the book to understand what I'm getting at in this post.  I do hope to convey here that we have things hidden away and it may be helpful to look squarely at them in written form as a point of observation.  Thus, there is a little more space for your true, pure, radiant self to shine through.

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