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Monday, March 19, 2012

Consciously Choosing Artwork for Your Home

Consciously choosing artwork is addressed in The Secret.  Even prior to the film coming out I embraced the idea of the artwork in the home working for (or against!) you subconsciously. 

In recent years I had a less than appealing subject on the wall.  It depicted a medicine woman with glow from a fire shining on her intense face.  It was a piece my art teacher chose for a student show.  After the show, not knowing what to do with the framed work, I just hung it on the wall.  It was fine for the intended class assignment but in terms of energy and tone for home life, not so much!

My husband and I have country property and we're working toward getting it back into functioning agricultural land.  One day I came across the piece below, showed it to my husband who also liked it, promptly ordered a print and had it framed. It depicts a "landed gentry" couple.  The landed gentry were people from the old days who were connected to and enjoyed the benefits of having working land.  For us it functions as a visual mantra so to speak, reminding us of our long-term goal. 


Have you noticed farmhouses often have cornucopia art as though to attract abundant harvests?  Such as:

Even if you don't want to change out the art in your home, take some time reflecting on each piece and what it means to you.  If your story behind it needs to shift consider re-writing the meaning.  Allow the intention to shift if needed. 

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